Bachelor in Paradise: Tara and Sam are engaged!

Australia's favourite couple are getting hitched!

By: Katie Stow

We just witnessed Australia's first Bachelor in Paradise proposal! After a hectic season involving a hell of a lot of break-ups, hook-ups and some seriously unexpected couples, we've finally reached the end of Paradise, and BOY has it been a journey.

The grand finale featured the four remaining couples in Paradise: The tumultuous Keira and Jarrod, the unexpected but adorable Tara and Sam, the too-good-looking-for-TV Megan and Jake and the international lovers Ali and Grant. To say the whole of the country was waiting to find out who the hoot proposes at the end is an understatement, because Channel Ten have been promising and promoting this goddamn proposal since day dot.

But now we know! The lucky couple is, our faves, Tara and Sam!

Their love story got off to a rocky start, with Tara declaring when Sam walked into the house that he sure as hell wasn't going to get her rose. While we knew Tara would be cute AF with whoever she ended up with, we never thought that person would be Sam — who, let's be real, was a bit of a dick on Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette. And Tara felt the same way, saying there was no way she would fall for "Uncle Sam" when he arrived on the island. Then, one date and one kiss later, she wrote this about Sam on Instagram: "Oh boy was I wrong about you."

Once they had a moment alone, things really ramped up and their banter quickly switched to flirty as fuck loved-up chatter.

Tara and Sam's relationship honestly reignited our faith in love, and our frosty ass hearts have melted away.

Because all the damn promos for the finale of Bachelor in Paradise hinted that Grant was going to propose to Ali, we never saw this shock ending coming. In the last episode of the series, we saw Sam talk about his commitment fears, but how Tara was always the one to steady him, and every time he saw her, he just knew.

While we thought that meant he was going to commit to Tara in the final commitment ceremony, maybe sealing the deal with a cheeky pash, he boldly stated to Osher that he was going to walk straight up to Tara and propose. WAY TO MAKE US COLLAPSE RIGHT THERE AND THEN, SAMMY!

We're not crying, you are!

You can watch the whole thing here, but you might want to grab a box of tissues before you do:

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