Tara reveals who from ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ is NOT invited to her wedding

Burning 'Bachelor' bridges.

By: Katie Stow

Tara and Sam were, without a doubt, Australia's favourite couple on Bachelor in Paradise. Their relationship came completely out of the blue when they were left alone for a hot minute by the pool, and before we knew it, they were in love and Sam was bending down on one knee to ask Tara to marry him!

Watch the video below of the proposal if you want to break down in tears all over again:

The proposal came as a massive shock, as we definitely thought Ali and Grant would be the ones to get engaged, but BOY were we delighted to see Sam pop the question instead!

Now that the news is out in the open (a mere five months since Sam actually proposed in Paradise), the couple are free to celebrate their engagement with the rest of the world — and for us that meant that we finally got to interview Tara!

Here, we chat all things Paradise, proposals and what Sam and Tara's happily ever after might look like. Including who Tara doesn't seem to want to invite to the wedding…

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement!

Thank you very much!

Must be a bit weird getting congratulated five months after you actually got engaged.

Yeah, it is weird. But it finally feels real though. So exciting!

Were you expecting Sam to propose?

No, I was not expecting Sam to propose. So it was such a beautiful surprise and so overwhelming.

How did you feel when he got down on one knee?

I think I just froze up, I couldn't really talk. I was just in shock! But it was just the most amazing feeling ever.

What did you do immediately after the cameras stopped rolling?

We kind of just took it all in. We had a hotel room booked that night, because we flew home the next day, so we just spent the night together and debriefed!

What was it like watching the proposal back on TV?

Oh, it was incredible. Because it all happened so quickly, it was so nice to relive it all. I just wanted to hear everything he said again, because I had just forgot it all! It was such a whirlwind. We were able to watch it back with our families, which was so nice.

How did your family react to the news?

They were so happy! So happy and supportive.

Did you have any contact with them while you were in Paradise?

No, not while we were in Paradise.

So they must have been super surprised to see you come back with a fiancé!

Well I didn't tell them for a little while, because I wanted them to meet Sam before I told them.

How did that first meet go?

Really good. Everyone loves Sam! Everyone in my family really loves him. He gets along with everyone so well. It was really nice, really easy.

Do you like the ring Sam picked out?

I LOVE the ring!

What's the process behind picking out the rings in Paradise?

You just get a few options. The producers give you a few options, so you sit down and have a look, and see which one you want to give.

Do you have to pay for them? Or is it a free ring?

No, you don't have to pay. How lucky!

What was it like heading back to reality after Paradise?

It was really weird coming back after Paradise because you're not really allowed to tell anyone what happened. So, you know, I had one of the most important things in my life happen to me, but I couldn't tell anyone. So it was kind of like it did happen — but it didn't?! Now it just seems so much more real.

Was it hard to keep your relationship a secret?

Yeah, it's been really hard to keep our relationship a secret. It's been a long time, because we got out of there in December, so it's been exactly five months!

Are you and Sam living together now?

We're still working out living arrangements. Still deciding what to do there! He's been spending a bit of time in the Gold Coast, because the Gold Coast is a better place to hide! Not Bondi. Bondi is the worse place to hide in the world.

Is it looking likely that Sam will move to the Gold Coast rather than you move to Bondi, then?

Yeah, I'm not a Bondi fan! So hopefully he's happy to come to the Gold Coast!

How has everyone reacted now that your engagement is out in the open?

We've had so much support. I was expecting the worst. I was hoping that everyone would take us seriously, because it was real — and it was really real for us! So I'm glad that everyone can see that, and everyone supports us.

Now, we have to talk about the wedding! Any plans in place yet?

I haven't even really been able to celebrate the engagement yet! So we'll probably do an engagement party first.

When you do get married though, where would you like to have your wedding?

Urgh, no idea! I'm open to anything. I said Fiji on the show because I was in Fiji, so it was just an idea. But I haven't really given it enough thought to give an answer to that.

Do you know what style wedding dress do you think you'd wear?

Maybe a backless one? Definitely something traditional, something really pretty. I'd definitely spend a lot on a dress. I'd spend a lot on a dress and food!

Would you get Sam to cut his hair for the wedding?

Yeah, probably! Whatever he wants to do. Whatever Sam wants to do with his hair, he can do! As long as he's happy. But I think he's planning on cutting it off soon. We want to use his hair cut to raise money for a charity that we're passionate about, because everyone seems to want him to cut his hair off! So maybe if people donate money, he will!

Which Bachelor in Paradise contestants will be getting an invite?

Definitely Keira and Jarrod, Nina, Davey, Luke, Lisa, umm, who else? Flo, Simone, Apollo — lots of them!

Were you closest to Keira and Jarrod?

Well we were there together for pretty much the whole time, so naturally you do become close with the people who are there. But Sam and I were together a lot, so we got closer after the show, I think.

Did you think that Keira and Jarrod were going to get engaged?

I wasn't sure, but I didn't think so. I didn't really think anyone would, it's a bit bizarre…

Would you invite Matty J to the wedding?

That would be a bit random! Yeah, probs not. Might be a bit awkward!

Would you ever consider a Bachelor spin-off series about you and Sam?

That's something we'd have to think about. A lot of people are asking this! It's something that we haven't really put much thought to. I think it would be a pretty funny show! The more time I spend with him, the more I learn about him, and he's a very interesting character so I think a show with us would be quite the entertainment!

Are kids in the future for you guys?

I hope so! I've always really wanted a family. Not anytime soon, but yeah — for sure!

You can promote 'Uncle Sam' to 'Dad Sam'! Overall, how would you describe your experience on Bachelor in Paradise?

Oh I had the best time in Paradise. I can't complain about anything! I met some amazing people and found myself a fiancé! No regrets there. So glad I did it.

Did you think any of the contestants got a bad edit in Paradise?

Flo's edit when she got back wasn't great. She didn't really care about Jake that much — she wasn't interested in Jake at all, she was just like, 'Why am I back here?' It was really odd to bring her back. Simone's edit wasn't great, but Simone's just not good in a reality TV situation — she's a lot better when it's just normal life. But I get that, it's not for everyone. I think everyone else's was pretty accurate.

Who was roomie in Paradise?

I started off with Flo, and then Flo got killed off the show so then I got Megan.

So you didn't have a room with Sam? You must have been visiting each other's huts a lot…

Yeah, we'd visit each other's huts!

I heard in another interview that you had a lot of 'fun' in each other's huts, if you know what I mean…

Oh yeah! We had a LOT of fun in our huts! It's a very important aspect of a relationship, and I'm very happy with that side of things! [Laughs]

Laurina mentioned that you have cameras in your room, but you're told by producers to cover them with a towel if you want to have sex. Did you just end up taking the camera out by the end?

Well they would cover it up in the control room.

I'd be nervous that they'd still be watching!

Yeah, I know. But there were no cameras in the outdoor showers!

So that was the go-to sex spot?!