Cosmopolitan & Tinder Bachelor of the Year Awards 2019: Nominations are open!


Earlier this year K-Pop star Kevin Kim was crowned the new Cosmopolitan & Tinder Bachelor of the Year in one of our most popular and hotly-contested Bachelor Awards ever. (Not gonna lie: It reconfirmed (ahem restored our faith) that there are some really decent guys out there. High five, fellas.)

Fast forward seven months and it's time to start looking for the next Bachelor to join the List of Legends.

Who will take the crown this year? Your cute colleague? Your trainer? The charmer at your favourite brunch spot? A guy who makes you feel things when you see him on your feed? A match that ended up more of a mate? Or a reality TV star that you're more than a little in love with?

Putting the Bachelor in Cosmo & Tinder Bachelor of the Year.

Whoever he is, we want to hear about him — better yet, we want to grill him and have him in the running to be the 2019 Cosmo & Tinder Bachelor of the Year.

Simply fill in your deets (or the name of the guy you're nominating) below, upload a photo and we'll then have the tough (who are we kidding?) job of whittling down your nominations to the top 30, who will be revealed in the January issue of Cosmo, on sale 3 December.