Georgia Love has hilariously become Lee Elliott and Fireman Cam's third wheel


By: Jessica Chandra

We all know by now that there is something a little weird about starting your relationship on a show like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. It’s weird enough that you become BFFs with the people trying to date the same person as you, but that’s the show, it’s not a ~real~ environment, and then things kind of return back to normal once you’re back in the real world.

Except… when they don’t.

In a funny ~twist~, Georgia Love, who found her happily ever after with Lee Elliott on the finale of The Bachelorette this year, has hilariously become Lee and Fireman Cam’s third wheel.

Context: Lee and Cam became best buddies in the house. Cam came fifth, which means he didn’t make it to hometown dates, even though he had developed feelings for Georgia and was kind of heartbroken. But this means his little heart had more time to heal than some of the other guys’.

This past weekend, a whole bunch of the Bachelorette boys flew into Melbourne for the lunch Lee organised to raise money for Pancare – it raised over $10,000, by the way! – which meant Lee and Cam were reunited.

After the lunch, it seems like Lee and Cam enjoyed some much-needed bro catch-up time – and Georgia tagged along. #awks

They got ice-cream together… and Georgia had to have her own scoop while Lee and Cam shared.

They went for beers in the park…

And this happened:

Like two teenage boys Lee and Cam could not get off their phones:

Georgia and Lee could not get rid of Cam.

Like seriously.

No, but actually, it seems like Georgia, Lee and Cam are three best friends, and that is the CUTEST because Cam is so darn adorable.

We would fourth wheel with them (and the puppies) any day.