It really seems like Richie Strahan and Alex Nation from 'The Bachelor Australia' have split

Is it for real this time?

By: Jessica Chandra

As we spend our Wednesday and Thursday nights watching Matty J fall in love on The Bachelor Australia 2017, let’s take a moment to remember what was happening exactly this time last year.

In 2016, Richie Strahan, the access rope technician who came third on Sam Frost’s season of The Bachelorette Australia in 2015, was dating his way through a group of beautiful women, which led him to Alex Nation, the single mother from Melbourne.

Despite being the shock twist no one saw coming — everyone thought Nikki Gogan would be the winner of Richie’s heart — Richie and Alex persevered through heaps of challenges new couples go through, with some extra ones.

They were in the public eye; they lived in different states (he’s in Perth, she’s in Melbourne); they faced backlash for ending up together in the first place.

They’ve also come up against rumours they’ve split before, in April and May this year, but then they dispelled those reports by making loved-up appearances at public events like the Logies.

But now, the Daily Telegraph reports they have split after 10 months together. “When contacted by phone last night, a downcast Strahan danced around the issue and refused to shut down speculation that the couple had broken up. Nation too was silent, not responding to calls for comment,” the article reads.

Other signs, according to the Tele, include their lack of photos on each other’s Instagram accounts since May 22 (that was Richie’s — Alex hasn’t posted a photo of or with Richie since the Logies), the fact they haven’t been to any public events together since the Logies, and their recent separate holidays.

We’ll wait for Richie and Alex to confirm themselves. It would be strange for neither of them to address it, though, considering the very public way in which they got together.