Romy just confirmed that she was a paid actress on ‘The Bachelor Australia’ 2018

We KNEW it!

Did you see last night's episode of The Bachelor Australia? Some serious shit went down, that's for sure.

Our three resident bullies villains, Cat, Romy and Alisha, were all shown the door. TBH, it was quite a fiasco. After taking Tenille aside to ask who the bullies were, Nick had a chat to Cat and politely requested that she left the show. Then, at the rose ceremony, Romy walked and Alisha didn't receive a rose.


And just like that — clicks fingers — the three villains all sensationally left the show.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph conducted shortly after their eliminations aired, the girls said they were forced to misbehave in order to stay on the show.

Cosmpolitan caught up with Cat, Romy and Alisha post-eviction to see where their heads are at.

Romy has always been open about the fact that she's an actress. "Was it the role of a lifetime? I don't know," Romy told Cosmo.

"You turned it up a bit," Cat responded.

"Yep — we were having fun," Romy said. "It got boring. You see the guy once every two weeks and you're lucky if you even speak to him and so we came up with a few little cheeky plans."

"I saw which way it was headed and I wanted to have some fun with it," Romy continued, "but in saying that the moments I had with Nick, that was me. You didn't see what we shared you just saw me sucking his neck. You didn't see our kiss or anything like that, I think the camera men were on lunch when that happened."

"The one thing I've learned from the experience is to stop licking my lips."

And earlier this morning, during an interview with Kyle and Jackie O, Romy all but confirmed that she was a paid actress.

A listener called into the station and told the former contestant: "I have a friend of a friend who has come out and said — now, they know your brother, Romy — and he has said that you're a paid plant."

Romy was really candid with her reply — more candid than any of us expected. "I'm an actor," she said. "There's all these rumours going around that I've been paid."

"Well, look. I'm an actress and I was paid on the show, as was everyone else. My trade is acting, so you do the math."

Radio host Jackie 'O' Henderson responded: "When I do the math I think, 'Yeah, you were a paid plant'." Romy said her appearance, "turned into a role pretty quickly… we are a cast, after all."

WE ARE SHOOK! This season of The Bachelor has been one hell of a ride.