Check out this cringey rap video from one of 'The Bachelor' contestants and enjoy the rest of your day

This is a big mood.

By: Jess Pullar

We didn't think it was possible to find something harder to watch than the awkward kiss between Nick Cummins and Romy (aka 'snake' #1) on The Bachelor, but it turns out we might've been wrong.

A video of another contestant competing for the Honey Badger's heart, Alisha Aitken-Radburn, has emerged and it's going to make you LOL.

The blonde 25-year-old, a former staffer for none other than Bill Shorten, created a video back in 2014 when she was campaigning as a candidate in the University of Sydney Union Election.

Instead of taking the usual two-ply-toilet-paper-for-all and gunning for cheaper coffee route to garner herself some votes, Alisha rapped to the tune of 'Ignition' (which now, in hindsight, seems like a horrifically poor choice), telling people to vote for her. Behold:

We're unsure if the video's content, which includes someone prancing around in a Tigger onesie, or the title itself, 'It's time to UNLEASH ALISHA' is more hilarious.

Aitken-Radburn recently told The Daily Telegraph that filming The Bachelor incited more drama than working in politics, saying, "Canberra, Bachelor mansion, I think they have a little more in common than people think."

"Working in the halls of Parliament House was good preparation for some of the drama that goes on in the Bachie mansion," she said.

After just one week of season six, we've already established our gang of 'snakes' and seen a casual racial slur in the first week alone, so we're pretty sure the girls got a point.