Georgia Love has some ~interesting~ thoughts about Matty J's season of 'The Bachelor'

“I’m so embarrassed to be linked to this show.”

By: Jessica Chandra

You know how breakups are weird IRL — like how even seeing your ex come up on Instagram can make you throw your phone at the wall? Take a moment to think about people who go on The Bachelor Australia and The Bachelorette Australia, and what it must be like for them to see their exes dating other people on national television, twice a week.

Given Matty J’s season of The Bachelor is all we can talk about RN, there’s one person whose opinion everyone wants to know: Georgia Love’s.

Are Georgia and Matty even exes? Kind of. Matty was Georgia’s runner-up on her season of The Bachelorette last year, so there were real feelings involved. In the end, Georgia told a devastated Matty that she’d fallen in love with Lee Elliott — she found her “HappiLEE ever after.” (Georgia and Lee really bonded over puns and dad jokes.)

The Daily Telegraph asked Georgia how she felt watching Matty take the reins of the dating show. “It is a bit weird seeing Matty because the last time I saw him was on that roof top in Singapore,” she said. “So it’s strange to see him there dating and kissing and stuff, but he had to sit there and watch me do that as well.”

“It was so recent that I was on there, so it was always going to be weird watching that show again and knowing what happens that you don’t see on camera.”

That was a pretty diplomatic answer from Georgia, who was praised for being a smart Bachelorette who wasn’t afraid to call guys out on their shit on the show.

HOWEVER. Georgia made her ~true feelings~ about the show known when she took to Facebook with this status update last night: “Did I actually just watch a girl mocking a guy jacking off on national TV at 8pm??? WHAT IS HAPPENING 😳😳😳.”

(The ‘jacking off’ action she was referring to was when Tara imitated it while discussing Florence talking about her kiss with Matty J.)

The Daily Mail reports that one of Georgia’s mates commented on the status, asking if she was talking about The Bachelor, and she replied, “Yes! I’m so embarrassed I’m linked to this show.”

C’mon, Georgia, it’s not so bad!…

One more thing: the TV journo was asked about her doppelgänger on Matty’s season, Laura Byrne. “It doesn’t bother me,” Georgia told The Daily Telegraph of Laura being labelled Georgia 2.0. “I just hope Laura doesn’t feel strange about it. I hope she doesn’t hate me for that, I haven’t started the rumour.”

When Cosmo asked Laura about the comparisons, she said it wasn’t “ideal” but that “it doesn’t faze me. I don’t feel like I am the carbon copy by any means.”

“It’s just our hair. We have similar hair. But I don’t think there are many other similarities, but whatever. People are going to say something, and if that’s all they’ve got to say, then I really don’t mind. And she seems like a legend, so it’s fine.”