Fireman Cam Cranley is apparently going to be the next Bachelor

And there’s a ~shock twist~.

By: Jessica Chandra

Remember Fireman Cam Cranley from Georgia Love's season of The Bachelorette? How could you not? Everyone loved Cam. He was sweet. He was handsome. He loved Disney (and looked like a Disney prince). What's not to love?

Well, if you were on the Team Cam train and were absolutely devo when Georgia sent him home, we have some good news for you: He's probably going to be the next Bachelor!

OK, before you cancel the rest of your plans for the year to apply for the show, this hasn't been confirmed by Channel Ten yet. It comes from a New Idea report that says Cam has sealed the deal, and it could be legit.

The proof?

Doesn't his Instagram scream potential Bachelor to you?

(Oh, BTW, he is also in the running to be Cosmo's Bachelor of the Year, so if you're a fan you should definitely vote.)

But that's not all. According to this same report, there is a ~big twist~ happening this series, and it's that Cam will be joined by his also-cute brother, Kyle, in some kind of 'double Bachelor' set-up we haven't seen before in Australia.

How would this work? Do you get to date two Cranleys? Do you just pick one and stick to him? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

"The two brothers are practically inseparable anyway," said an insider. "They have a great friendship, are always socialising together, making fun of each other and it will work well on television."

We're all for being close with our siblings, but if you're inseparable to the point that you have to look for love together on a national TV show… no comment.

And anyway, we're sure people who love Cam will also love his brother.

Now we just have to wait for Channel Ten to confirm this information.