The first full trailer for The Bachelor Australia 2018 is here

Lions and tigers and honey badgers, oh my!

By: Susannah Guthrie

We've got a premiere date, we've got a couple of contestants' names, we've got a location, and now we have our first full trailer for the 2018 season of The Bachelor Australia.

The 40-second trailer shows the much-anticipated arrival of the contestants to the Bachie mansion, where they're warmly greeted by this year's Bachelor, Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins.

It's our first taste of what we'll get when the show hits TV screens on August 15, 2018, on Channel Ten.

"I'm Nick Cummins, some call me The Honey Badger, and I'm the flamin' Bachelor," Cummins says at the beginning, just so we're all aware what we're in for.

A voiceover bills the season as "the most unusual Bachelor ever" (lol) and we get a glimpse of The Honey Badger's chemistry with our beloved Osher Gunsberg.

"You're nervous aren't you?" Oshie asks.

"Oh mate, you've got 25 good sorts charging out here with a purpose," Nick replies. "That's intimidating!"

Oshie laughs hysterically.

Enter: the ladies.

They're all wearing different varieties of ballgown but they can all agree on one thing: The Honey Badger is the bees' knees.

Common compliments include: "He made me laugh," "He's quite handsome," and, "He's cuuuutteee".

"To have these girls go all out for a fella like me, tell you what, I'm pretty lucky," Nick says at the trailer's conclusion.


The trailer comes after another teaser gave us our first in-depth look at two of the women competing for Nick's heart: Brooke (surname unknown) and Cassandra Wood.

All look like worthy contenders and it appears Nick is the appreciative, excited Bachelor they deserve.

Bring on August 15.