Producers from ‘The Bachelor Australia' 2018 dish on when contestants can have sex

Doing the dirty.

By: Katie Stow

When it comes to The Bachelor, there are a lot of things that we want to know: Who the fuck wins? What the fuck is going on with The Honey Badger's hair? And, when the fuck do they actually fuck?

(Retrospective warning: There will be a lot of expletives in this article.)

Obviously sets like The Bachelor's have a whole heap of raging hormones knocking about as multiple women are aiming for one dude's heart — and so when they have a moment alone with the star of the show, things can get a little steamy.

But how far can things actually go? In the American version of the show they have a 'fantasy suite' date near the finals where the Bachelor and the contestant can stay in a fancy hotel room together, but in the Aussie version there's only a handful of 'overnight dates' and they're normally pretty PG13.

So what's the dealio? Are Aussie Bachelors allowed to do the dirty while the show is on?

Well now we kinda have an answer, because one Date Producer from The Bachelor (yes, that's a legit job) has spoken out about the policies around getting jiggy with it.

She explained that she essentially has to shut shit down before it gets too hot and heavy. Speaking to Lost At E Minor the producer explained:

"We take duty of care so seriously. I had to go on the overnight dates, I had to stay with them on the overnight dates and I was the biggest cockblocker ever and I never want to be a cockblocker! I literally had to knock on doors and be like, 'open the door right now.'"

So essentially, the producers have to act as your best mate at the club when you're a little worse for wear and have decided to lunge at a less-than-desirable fella. Best mates like that are proof that not all heroes wear capes.

"What if she gets dumped the next day and turns around and goes, 'Well hang on a second you all knew, I've been made to look like a fool I gave myself to this guy,' it's duty of care," she said.

What's the bet that there was a stampede of producers storming into that swag on the camping date? Romy, they got your back.