Have we just discovered this season's villain on ‘The Bachelor’?

Australia, meet Vanessa Sunshine.

By: Katie Stow

We are edging closer and closer to the premiere of The Bachelor featuring the oh-so loveable Nick Cummins, and we are PUMPED. To tease us fans, Network Ten is releasing the official pictures of this year's contestants day by day, and boy is it adding to the hype!

So far, we've met obvious favourite Cass Wood (despite Sam Cochrane accidentally revealing that she doesn't win the show) and the gorgeous Brooke Blurton. But today we were introduced to a new contender: Vanessa Sunshine — and she's already been pegged as this season's villain.

We know what you're thinking: How can a girl with the happiest name we've ever heard be a villain?! Well people have some theories…

When the image was realised, fans of the show were quick to pinpoint her as the one most likely to stir up trouble on The Bachelor, writing comments like "I reckon she is gonna be a villain" and "villain alert".

This follows Network Ten describing her as, "bold, beautiful and brutally honest," as well as subtly dropping the statement: "She loves a party." We reckon that's a big fat hint that she's going to stir shit up at any/all of the cocktail parties…

However, we have conflicting theories, because our money is on another girl being placed in that infamous villain role. Thanks to some sneaky paparazzi shots we were able to recognise one of the contestants as an ex-employee from Bill Shorten's Canberra office named Alisha Aitken Radburn.

Alisha already has a fair few media scandals in her back pocket, after repping on the Sydney University USU board and being accused of 'blackface' and subsequently apologising.

Image from Alisha's Facebook page.

Perhaps this season we'll have two amazing villains and they'll have some kind of ridiculous sumo-wresting face-off in an Osher-orchestrated challenge?! We can dream...