Who is the guy behind Sophie and Cat's drama on ‘The Bachelor’?

No, it’s not Osher.

By: Katie Stow

The premiere week of The Bachelor treated us to a large dollop of drama — including clingy Cass who has history with The Honey Badger and the world's worst on-screen neck kiss. But there was a chaotic storyline that was touched upon at the first cocktail party that we feel we really need to revisit.

It's all to do with one of the show's snakes, Cat Henesey, and one of the girls who looks like she could be a front runner for Nick Cummin's heart, Sophie Tieman.

The reason shit sort of went down is because Cat claims that Sophie started dating her ex-boyfriend just before she appeared on The Bachelor, essentially suggesting that she wasn't single when she entered the mansion.

This is how it all played out…

"The cocktail party has kicked off, I'm just starting to relax into the evening and I look over and I see this chick called Sophie," Cat said to the camera.

"I know who she is because my ex-boyfriend showed me a photo of her. We have a history. There is no way I expected to come into a situation like this, I thought I'd come in here and meet a whole bunch of random chicks, not bloody old mate. I'm pissed off that she's here," Cat fumed before promising, "I'll be bringing it up first chance I get".

Later on in the evening one of the other contestants helped Cat bring up the topic by saying across the room, "So Sophie, apparently you and Cat have something in common".

Sophie, innocently responded with, "We know each other, 'cos we're both from Brisbane." Before Cat interjected with, "And you've been seeing my ex".

This convo led to a lot of awkward darting looks across the Bachelor mansion while Sophie tried to defend herself and said they just went on a couple of dates — despite Cat chirping in every two seconds to say that they were fully dating and hadn't broken up before Sophie came on the show.

But who's the dude behind all this drama?

Well, after a bit of Insta-stalking we're pretty sure that Tim Crooks is the (un)lucky fella sandwiched between these two Bachie babes.

There are a fair few coupley pics on his Instagram of him and Cat, indicating that he is her ex-boyfriend.

Tim also has some snaps with Sophie on his 'gram too—including one of them on holiday with a group of mates in Queensland. Sophie is the one in the wide-brimmed hat.

The beach snap was taken in February of this year, just before The Bachelor started filming.

Obviously we can't confirm whether there was a cross-over between Sophie and Tim dating and whether they were still together when she went on the show. But seeing as The Honey Badger is currently dating 20-odd ladies at once, we don't think we can hold it against Soph if she was dating someone around the same time.

Cosmopolitan contacted Tim for comment.

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