Save the date! This is when the finale of 'The Bachelorette' is airing

Can you believe it’s almost over?

By: Jessica Chandra

Is it just us, or has this season of The Bachelorette Australia flown by? It seems like just yesterday that Sophie Monk met 18 eligible bachelors for the first time, in her quest to finally find the man that’s perfect for her.

Since then, Sophie’s kissed quite a few men, heaps of guys have been sent home at rose ceremonies, four intruders shook things up, and there’s been major ~drama~ about who pissed in Jarrod Woodgate’s pot plant. Seriously, did you ever think something so petty could take up two episodes of The Bachelorette? Neither did we, but there you go.

Despite everything feeling like it’s gone by so fast, the time has almost come for Sophie’s series to come to an end.

And now we know when the finale is airing on TV, so save the date: Thursday, October 26.

In the finale, Sophie will take the top two bachelors to an exotic location (we’re not exactly sure where yet) to meet her family — and they already kind of have, since her mother, father and sister, Lucy, went undercover on one of the most hilarious group dates we’ve ever seen.

By the end of the episode, we’ll finally know which man is the person Sophie has been gushing about this whole time. And while there are lots of reports saying it’s 44-year-old intruder Stu Laundy who wins her heart, we have no idea who the other guy is. And there could be some serious heartbreak involved (please don’t hurt James, we love him).

Anyway, there’s only one way to find out for sure who Sophie’s picked, and that’s by tuning in on October 26.

When that’s over, it’ll be another loooong wait until The Bachelor returns next year — unless Bachelor in Paradise Australia airs in the first half of 2018!

Fingers crossed the wait isn’t too long.