5 quick questions with Stu Laundy before the finale of 'The Bachelorette'

Will Stu win Sophie’s heart at the end?

By: Jessica Chandra

Stu Laundy is not your typical contestant on The Bachelorette Australia. He’s 44, making him the eldest Bachelor ever on the Australian series, and he’s also a father of four, making him one of the first single fathers on the show.

He was also an intruder, and is hotly tipped to be the man who wins Sophie Monk’s heart at the end — is it possible that Stu could set another record, as the first intruder to win the show?

Let’s back it up for a bit. Stu and Sophie technically have some history, so it’s not like he arrived late in the game and immediately sped past the other contestants, who had been there from the beginning, without a bit of help.

The way the story goes, Stu invited Sophie on a date on his yacht around a year ago. For whatever reason, the date never happened — apparently because Sophie was a little hungover — so Stu missed his chance to date the celebrity. This is why Stu decided to try his luck on the show, because he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to woo Sophie again — even though he’s up against some other fine fellows, like Apollo Jackson and… Look, Jarrod Woodgate may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he does care for Sophie, and she has said she “adores” him.

Basically, Stu really put himself in a challenging situation — he could have had the chance to date Sophie earlier, without the competition. That said, Sophie really likes that he came on the show for her. Points for Stu.

Even though heaps of people have accepted the publican — who also happens to be heir to a $500 million fortune, FYI — as the winner, it’s not 100 per cent confirmed until we see it on TV. And shows like The Bachelorette do like to give us ~shock twists~ every now and then.

Ahead of the finale of The Bachelorette on Thursday, we asked Stu five quick questions about his experience.

At 44, you are the eldest The Bachelorette contestant in Australia, ever (sorry to point this out!). How did you find the experience — even things like living with a group of men — given everything you have already been through?

I guess I would be surprised if Sophie wasn’t also the eldest Bachelorette in Australia! The experience was great. I’m a boarding school boy so am pretty used to living with groups of men or boys. We gelled well and I’ve always been considered to be very immature, so it was a lot of fun.

Whose idea was it for you to go on the show, and if it wasn’t yours, did you need much convincing?

A mutual friend suggested I go on the show, and yes, I needed a bit of convincing, but only with respect to the effect my taking part on the show would have on my family commitments. The opportunity to meet Sophie again didn’t require any convincing whatsoever.

Who did you see as the biggest threat for Sophie’s affection, and why?

Probably Sammy because of his double delight win. And let me tell you, there was not one moment where he did not constantly remind us of this particular advantage… ALL THE TIME. God love him!

Who are your best mates from the mansion and why?

AJ came in with me as an intruder so we had an immediate bond. Jarrod and I were roomies, so we became good mates pretty quickly. Sammy’s gang as well, as they always had me in stitches.

What was the most surprising thing about doing the show?

The rose ceremonies — I never predicted the tension and the nerves you feel.

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