Vanessa Sunshine gave 'Bachelor Australia 2018' the best exit all season

Vanessa Sunshine just had the best exit of all time

By: Katie Stow

We hate to quote The Honey Badger, but The Bachelor Australia 2018 is off to a bloody ripper of a start! We are a mere two weeks in to the shitstorm that is 20-odd women fighting for attention from a dude we're honestly not sure can speak fluent English, and things are getting HECTIC.

We've seen stage-five-clingers, aggressive attempts at a pash and oh-so-many death stares darting across cocktail parties from the contestants already, but tonight's episode just took the cake by bringing us the most glorious exit of Bachelor history.

If you haven't watched the episode yet, there's about to be a massive spoiler: Vanessa Sunshine gets booted off. The people's champion failed to receive a rose at the odd camping group date, sending her packing.

The reason for her departure is probably down to her incredibly awkward/hilarious one-on-one time with The Honey Badger that day. They had a chat about comments Romy previously brought up where she claimed Vanessa was far from attracted to Nick.

When Vanessa and Nick chatted this out, Miss Sunshine confirmed that she had considered giving the Bachelor a bit of a makeover. Nick kinda laughed it off and in his VT he was pretty fair dinkum about it all, saying, "She's not feeling the badger vibes, and that's fair enough".

However, because Nick knew Vanessa wasn't head over heels for him, he sent her home. Vanessa had been pretty stoney before this moment by MY GOD was her exit the greatest of all time!

When she didn't receive a rose, Osher appeared out of nowhere (as he does) to say, "It's time to say goodbye," which was when Vanessa looked straight ahead, past Nick, past the camera crew, past the corners of our soul, and refused to move an inch.

She physically ghosted the other contestants, refusing to hug them goodbye and then she waltzed off screen and out of our lives forever.

You can see the whole thing unfold, here:

We think this is the most beautifully, brutally honest departure from reality TV to ever grace our screens. Everyone normally bullshits an emotional farewell and everyone says, "Love you, love you," to each other and the contestants seems so cut up about the Bachelor rejecting them — so Vanessa's 'I couldn't give a flying fuck' approach is seriously refreshing.

Vanessa Sunshine for Prime Minister? HECK YES.