8 need-to-know facts about Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins, Australia's Bachelor for 2018

We’re so keen for this.

By: Jessica Chandra

Australia, meet your new 2018 Bachelor! After a few days of wild rumours, Channel Ten has confirmed Nick Cummins (aka, 'The Honey Badger') has been cast as the leading man of The Bachelor Australia in 2018, beating out ex-Bachelorette contestant and fan favourite Cam Cranley for the gig.

"I'm really looking forward to throwing everything at this opportunity to finding the one," Nick said in a statement when the news was announced. "The past 10 or so years has been on the road playing rugby or working on my projects, so I'm very excited to be part of a show that is centred around love and good times."

Hilary Innes, the executive producer of The Bachelor, said, "We are delighted that Nick has agreed to be Australia's next Bachelor. He will bring a refreshing, honest and cheeky energy to season six. On top of all his incredible achievements, he is both loveable and surprising. I know he will be a phenomenal Bachelor."

So, from the sounds of it, Channel Ten is hoping to recreate the reality TV magic of Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette. She was Australia's first-ever celebrity Bachelorette — and the world's — and the ratings were the best they'd been for a long time, because everyone loved how she was a self-confessed Aussie bogan looking for love.

While Sophie approached Channel Ten about the role, it looks like Channel Ten chased Nick, since he "agreed" to being the Bachelor.

But enough about the business side of things! We want to know more about Nick! People who are into rugby and sports probably know heaps about him, but there are others who were probably like "who dat?" when the news was announced.

If you fall into the latter camp, this is for you. We present a bunch of facts about Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins.

How old is Nick Cummins?

Nick is 30 years old. His birthday is October 5, 1987.

How tall is Nick Cummins?

Good question. He's 188cm! (And just in case you wanted to know, his weight is listed as 98kg.)

What does Nick Cummins do?

Nick is best known for being an Australian rugby union player. He used to be in the Wallabies, where he played the position of winger, and he's also played for the Australian Sevens team. But that's not all! He also played for the Western Force in Super Rugby and for the Coca-Cola Red Sparks in the Japanese Top League. Basically, he's a big deal in sport.

Why is Nick Cummins called 'Honey Badger'?

Back in 2012, Nick discovered the honey badger — as in the animal — while watching Animal Planet, and from that moment on it was like he was a changed man.

"I saw the honey badger and became fascinated," he said. "It is just so aggressive and will never say die."

"One of the stories which inspired me is that it is documented that a honey badger killed a male lion in a one-on-one battle."

What is Nick Cummins' family like?

Nick is one of eight kids! He was raised in Brisbane by his dad, Mark Cummins, who was a single father.

In 2014, Nick left the Wallabies to play for Japan so he could earn more money to help support his family after his father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He was open about his reasons for leaving, saying on The Project, "Playing for the Wallabies is a massive thing, and it's something you dream about for so long, and when it finally happens, all the emotions that come through — to give that up, yeah, it's a no-brainer, when it comes to family and that sort of thing."

"With Japan offering three times more loot than Australia is, you'd be mad not to," he added.

Nick's dad told the Courier Mail of his decision, "Nick said he could kick in more by signing in Japan where he will get more time off to return to the family and also research alternative medicines."

Two of Nick's siblings also have cystic fibrosis.

Who are Nick Cummins' ex-girlfriends?

Obviously, being a sporting hero and all, Nick's been pretty lucky with the ladies over the years.

His last known girlfriend was Martine Thomassen, a Norwegian student he met while he was based in Perth.

He's apparently been single since then.

What else is Nick Cummins famous for?

For being a hilarious, lovable larrikin! He's got some doozy one-liners from the interviews he's done, and because of his easy-going Aussie personality he's been cast in ads for things like TRADIE Workwear.

He's written two books, Tales of the Honey Badger and Adventures of the Honey Badger — yes, we're dealing with a published author here, people. They're a bunch of short stories.

Also, if this spoof video of Nick Cummins and Matty J is anything to go by, we should have seen this announcement coming.

What is Nick Cummins' Instagram account?

Here's how to keep up with Nick on social media on his ~journey for love~:

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