Who went home on 'The Bachelor Australia' last night and why


By: Susannah Guthrie

There are few things more cruel than being eliminated in the early episodes of The Bachelor Australia. Okay, so maybe there are plenty of worse things, but still, it's pretty rough.

Being booted off before the audience even knows your first name is not exactly fair, but it's something you risk when signing up for a reality TV show.

Although, by some miracle, young Cass Wood, who appears to be a stage-five clinger (see the video evidence below), is still in the mansion. Go figure.

On Thursday night's episode of The Bachelor, two women experienced the exit struggle firsthand when they were sent packing by Nick Cummins, AKA The Honey Badger.

Renee, 30, from Victoria, and Juliana, 29, from New South Wales were the un-chosen ones.

Renee (left) and Juliana (right).

There was no clear reason why the two blondies were eliminated. Perhaps because Juliana, a professional lifeguard, insisted on wandering around barefoot? That's a health and safety issue, no doubt.

But it's more likely because they didn't get any proper one-on-one with the Badgelor (our genius nickname).

The night before, during Wednesday's premiere episode, a bumper three ladies were sent home: Autumn, 29, from Victoria, Susie, 30, from Western Australia and Urszula, 34, from Victoria.

From left: Autumn, Urszula and Susie.

Again, they did very little wrong bar not be crazy enough.

That leaves 20 women vying for Nick's affections. Since we have no clue yet on who's the frontrunner, check out who we reckon they look like below...