Who went home on ‘The Bachelor Australia’ last night and why

“I can’t believe I shaved my legs for this.”

By: Katie Stow

We are seriously concerned that this season of The Bachelor is going to be over in about 3.5 seconds, because contestants are dropping like flies. The first episode saw four lasses leave the mansion and since then, there have been two or three at a time getting dumped. It's honestly enough to make you fearful of attending any cocktail party in case you get shafted at the end of it.

Last night we waved goodbye to another two ladies: Steph Crothers and Aleksandra Sekuloska.

While neither of these two did anything wrong to earn the boot, it was fairly obvious that they weren't really on The Honey Badger's radar, as we think the two of them combined had about one minute of conversation with the Bachelor.

However, Steph may have stolen the show with her exit comment to Nick Cummins.

Steph waltzed up to the Bachelor after being dumped by him on national television, got very close to his face and said: "I can't believe I shaved my legs for this."

Is this not the war cry of women across the world?! Think about how many times you shaved, exfoliated and moisturised your pins for a date in the hope they'd noticed your silky smooth, seal-like skin. And then think about how many times not a damn soul came in contact with said legs.

Apologies if that made you deeply disappointed — but know we feel the same way.

Fun fact to distract from your leg regret: The departure of Steph and Aleksandra means that brunettes are officially being cut at a faster rate than blondes. Which, TBH, we saw coming as Nick has a bit of a penchant for Scandi looking lasses. Just take a squiz at his ex-girlfriend if you don't believe us.

Do you feel like you're going to miss old mates Steph and Aleksandra? Keep up with them online by following them on Instagram. Can't be arsed to find their accounts? Don't worry, we've done the hard slog for you: