A beautyblender case now exists and all of our beauty prayers have been answered

Finally, a way to keep your favourite makeup sponge dirt-free.

By: Jess Pullar

Let's not lie to ourselves; we've all definitely ignored the collection of nasty debris at the bottom of our makeup bag many a time.

Even worse, we've probably seen that nasty build-up, ignored it, and thrown our beauty tools in them without a second thought. Tools we'd soon be applying to our unexpecting faces. Gross.

Obviously aware of our unsanitary habits, the creators behind the cult-favourite makeup sponge, BeautyBlender, have created a case which perfectly houses the egg-shaped tool, and we're now wondering how we ever functioned without one.

The 'Blender Defender' provides the perfect protection for our spongy beauty comrades, preventing them from co-mingling with nasties, and ensuring sanitary and dirt-free application with every single use.

(BTW, this case can only do its job if you actually clean the sponge before putting it in the case.)

These genius contraptions can store either two dry blenders, or one wet blender. The silicone case is also totally shatterproof, so feel free to throw this baby mindlessly into your bag.

If you wouldn't think twice about storing your makeup tools into a dirty makeup bag, let us leave you with this — a dirty makeup sponge is a
one-way ticket to breakout town. So spare yourself any future breakouts and investing in one of these gamechanging cases.

BeautyBlender's 'Blender Defender will set you back $18, and is now available in Sephora stores, and online now.