Bella Thorne just Snapchatted her entire bikini wax

The queen of TMI strikes again.

Snapchat is an awesome platform to give others an insight into your daily life and into that of celebs, but actress Bella Thorne once again took things to new whole new level when she gave followers a play-by-play into her first ever bikini wax.

The graphic clip begins with a freaked-out Bella lying on a table with the caption, “First time getting waxed” before she winces to the camera, "Oh my God, this is gonna hurt so bad."

We feel your pain.

Trying to cop the pain that we know far too well, the only thing covering the 19-year-old’s, erm, nether regions in the clip was a red scribble added on top of the Snapchat video.

Laughing awkwardly and screaming from the pain, she later yells, “This is terrible!" and we totally feel for her.

After the torture sesh is over, the Famous in Love star is seen chopping off what’s left of her pubic hair with scissors as she exclaims “It’s so coarse!”

It’s not the first time she’s given her followers an up-close-and-personal view into her beauty routine, with the starlet’s feed often featuring a number of beauty-related snaps, including an angry-looking blackhead extraction session.

Ahh celebrities, they’re just like us mere mortals, only better looking with more money.