Because regular braids aren’t hard enough, this stylist created a braided ROSE hairstyle


By: Erin Cook

When it comes to beauty, Instagram is a constant source of inspiration. Before we even think about booking a hair appointment, we'll spend a good few hours searching for styles to screenshot. Or, if we're feeling particularly adventurous, we'll even try out an Insta-trend at home.

The latest Insta-hairstyle to capture our attention? Braided rose hair.

(Side note: Try saying Insta-hairstyle three times, fast.)

The concept is pretty straight forward; braided rose hair is, literally, hair that has been braided and fashioned into a rose.

Allure were the first to spot the rose updo, which was created by Connecticut-based hairstylist, Alison Vasamis.

"To create these roses, I start with a small 3-strand braid rolled up to serve as the centermost part," Valsamis told the magazine. "Next, I alternate between standard fishtails and Dutch fishtails pulled apart to create depth. I finish with a Dutch 3-strand braid only pulled out on the outermost side to create the large petal feel of a rose in bloom."

Vasamis makes braided rose hair sound easy. But, considering we're still trying to get the whole 'fish tail braid' thing down-pat, this is one we're going to leave to the professionals.