Chloe Morello Is Here To Out All Those Fake Instagram Influencers

Girl on a mission.

Chloe Morello is no stranger to uncovering beauty injustices. We will never forget her totally tear-worthy bangs incident. But since outing a major hairdressing chain, the vlogger has gotten a taste for bringing justice to the beauty world and has turned her attention to fraudulent behaviour in the Australian social media sphere.

In a recent video posted to her YouTube channel, Morello decided to dedicate quite a lengthy post to uncovering influencers who are fraudulently acquiring followers and social media engagement, giving herself the amaze title of “Instagram Edward Snowden”.

“I’m really proud of my YouTube channel, and my Instagram, and my Twitter and everything, and I feel like I have a really good relationship with my audience,” said Morello, who has garnered an impressive 2 million followers since she began beauty vlogging in 2009.

And as one of the OG beauty influencers, she is not here for watching herself and her fellow beauty bloggers get trumped by less-than-honest influencers. “It’s really frustrating to see people with this fake following take opportunities away from my close friends that have a slower, yet authentic, audience,” said Morello. As a pretty transparent beauty blogger (she even admitted to shaving her face!), it's no surprise that she would expect all other beauty bloggers to follow suit.

Throughout the video, Morello lists a number of techniques used by many influencers to up their followings, comments and likes, mentioning the ability to purchase followers as the most common one used. And the girl has come with evidence, including a screengrab of a suspect post which has more likes than views. Hmmm…

She also mentions a handy little tool called Social Blade, a site which allows you to track the growth of a social profile. Using her own profile as evidence of what organic follower growth should look like, she compared her own gradual growth to one of a suspected fraudulent influencer who has purchased their followers.

Morello explaied that her overall concern is for the beauty industry being blindsided by fake social media followings. “A makeup brand will want to work with these people based on their following and their engagement. Everything is for the brand to generate sales” said Morello. “So the brand is paying for nothing. They’re paying for fake followers, fake likes and fake comments, and that’s fraud.”

After seeing this video, we can’t wait for Chloe’s next take down!