How to get Kim Kardashian’s millennial pink hair at home

If it’s good enough for Kim Kardashian, it’s good enough for us.

By: Erin Cook

As any self-respecting Kim Kardashian fan will already know, just a few days ago, the reality TV Queen dyed her hair a dashing shade of pink. (And before you ask — yes, it was 100 per cent real. We've done the research.) She's already gone back to brunette but TBH, we're still obsessed with her pink look.

With Coachella, Blues Fest and Splendour in the Grass on the horizon, we're feeling very inspired by Kim's new millennial pink 'do. While most shades of the rainbow are a little too out-there for our hair, this shade of pink is strangely — dare we say it — wearable.

If you want to dye your hair pink at home, you have three options: wash out, semi-permanent or permanent.

How to dye your hair pink temporarily

Want to dye your hair pastel pink just for the night? We have two words for you: hair chalk.

Hair chalk gives corporate girls and commitment-phobes the chance to get in on the millennial pink trend. Brite Organix Liquid Hair Chalk in Pastel Pink ($15 at is almost like a texta for your hair. To apply, take off the lid and draw onto the areas you want to target. For an all-over Kimmy K look, apply from root to tip. Or you could always just paint on a few highlights. Your hair, your rules.

How to use semi-permanent pink hair dye

Over the past few years, colourful semi-permanent dyes have come a long way. At one point in time, you had to bleach hair to give the dye something to grab on to. Now, there are products on the market that work on both blonde and brunette hair.


Obviously, the pink pigment in semi-permanent hair dyes will show up a lot more vividly on blonde hair — so promise you'll be careful! (Pinky promise? Okay. Moving on...)

For blondes, L'oreal Colorista Wash Out in Dirty Pink ($16.50 at Priceline) is an easy-as-pie option for a pastel shade of pink that lasts somewhere between four and 10 shampoos. It'll give you a dusty pink vibe to rival Kim Kardashian. To apply, simply work the formula into blonde or pre-lightened hair and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Not feeling the look? L'oreal Colorista Fader Shampoo ($16.45 at Priceline) will speed up the washout process.


If you hair is light, chesnut or medium brown, we'd give Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi Permanent Hair Colour in Chocolate Cherry ($27 at ASOS) a whirl. (If it's any darker than that, we probably wouldn't bother. Soz.) Sure – this dye a little darker than Kim's pastel pink hue but still pretty-as-hell. A word of warning: this guy is semi-permanent so it'll stick around for a while.

Dying you hair pastel pink with permanent dye

Pemanent dye? Ha! That's a job for a hairdresser. Don't even fkn think about it, mate.