Yo, this oil by The Body Shop is a perfect dupe for Fenty Beauty Body Lava

Same same but $50 cheaper.

By: Erin Cook

Rihanna has the midas touch — everything she touches turns to gold (body lava).

Of all Rihanna's recently-released beauty products, her Fenty Beauty Body Lava has been one of the most popular. When it dropped in the US on March 28, Body Lava sold out on the Fenty Beauty website quick-smart.

Take a look at Riri Body Lava tutorial below and just try not to reach for your credit card:

The one downside? At $82 from Sephora, it's a little on the spenno side for a beauty product you probably won't use every day.

But thankfully, the internet is here to help. As Teen Vogue so graciously pointed out, The Body Shop Shimmering Dry Oil Honey is very similar to Fenty's golden body lotion and at $33, it's almost 50 smackos cheaper.

The Body Shop Shimmering Dry Oil Honey isn't a new product — it's been around for years (and years…). On their website, it has a respectable 3.7 star rating out of five. However, its scent seems to be an issue for some.

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