This 2-year-old reviewing Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is the cutest thing you’ll see all week

She asks the person behind the camera, “Can we eat it?”

By: Erin Cook

Just a few weeks ago, on September 8, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna dropped in Sephora stores globally. And it’s fair to say that Rihanna’s line of makeup caused quite a stir. There were global launch parties! Huge line ups outside of stores! Endless social media coverage! Thousands and thousands of YouTube reviews!

Of the 567k reviews of Fenty Beauty on YouTube, Rihanna’s favourite is by two-year-old Samia Ali.

Recently, RiRi posted a link to the toddler's video on her Instagram. She captioned the post, "check out the best review on @fentybeauty yet!!! thanks @samiaslife."

For a two-year-old, Samia is a bit of a pro at this whole beauty vlogger thing. She starts off in classic YouTuber fashion, saying, “I’m Samia and today I’m going to do my makeup.”

Although, we have to admit, Samia’s application process is a little out of the ordinary. First, she puts the Fenty Beauty gold highlighter, Tophy Wife, on her nose. Then, she tells the camera, “I’m not finished!” and goes back in with foundation all over her face.

Behind the camera, Samia gets a little help from her mum, LaToya Forever who is a successful YouTuber in her own right. LaToya did her own Fenty Beauty review for her 1.3M subscribers which was a little more kosher. You can view it here.

Watch Samia’s full review below.