Sneaky grammers have found a way to get around #freethenipple

Why have two boobs when you can have 10?

#FreeTheNipple has been a hot topic on Instagram, with many celebrities taking to their own grids to speak their piece about the quite sexist rule that removes female nips from going live — but lets men’s hairy chest-udders roam freely.

The Instagram world has already responded by posting 'gender-less' nipples and speaking out about the ridiculousness of ruling out some nipples and not others. But now a new beauty genius has found a sneaky way to work around the no-nipple policy…

With nipple nail art.

Glad you asked, Hilary.

It is actually the latest creative outburst from Nails by Mei that involves crafting full blown ~bewbs~ onto a finger nail. And props to her, she has managed to make each one quite full and 3D — even chucking on a few nipple piercings for good measure.

She seems to have used a solid dotting technique to boost the boobs off the nail and used a range of colour tones to represent the titties of all womankind.

Though we’re not too sure whether we would rock these around the office, we salute Mei and her polished take on activism and are massively impressed that she has found a hack to getting nips on Instagram. Fingers crossed no one reports these tiny finger titties!