VIDEO: How to do an ‘Instagram brow’ this Friday night

Make your brows POP.

By: Erin Cook

Hey, you there: Ever heard of an 'Instagram brow'?

As the name suggests, the Instagram brow came to our attention via social media. Beauty bloggers and YouTubers are responsible for creating the ~extra~ brow trend; think a bold, filled in shape with sharp edges and a healthy smattering of highlighter on the brow bone.

It looks a little like this:

Instagram brows are perfect for a Friday night out on the town.

We enlisted the help of Benefit Cosmetics' head brow artist Hannah Mutze for her two cents on how to create the look at home:

1. With a sharp angle brush, use Benefit KaBrow ($42 at Princess Polly) to shape and fill your brow, remember it's heavily pigmented — so build colour slowly!
2. Set the shape and add subtle texture through the brow using Benefit 24HR Brow Setter ($42 at Princess Polly).
3. Define your arch by applying Benefit High Brow ($38 at Sephora) underneath the brow from arch to tail, blend well.
4. Let your brows do the talkin'.

Hit the video above to see the Instagram brow from start to finish.

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