Jeffree Star opens up about his very public feuds with Kat Von D and Kylie Jenner

“I'm a damaged person 100 per cent.”

By: Erin Cook

At this stage in the game, Jeffree Star is just as famous for his celebrity feuds as he is for his for line of cosmetics. The influencer and founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics has fallen out with a number of people in the beauty industry, including Kat Von D, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Manny MUA.

Recently, during the final episode of Shane Dawson's The Secret World of Jeffree Star five-part YouTube documentary, Jeffree opened up about these very public fall-outs.

The ~drama~ started way back in July 2016 when Kat Von D started a Twitter-fight with Jeffree, posting an image of a 'no entry' sign plastered over Jeffree's face. Apparently, Kat wanted to "disassociate herself from him" after he allegedly 'stole' the artwork for his makeup line from her friend, BJ. Jeffree was quick to defend himself on Twitter, creating a very public showdown between the two.

More recently, Jeffree accused Kylie Jenner of ripping off his packaging for her liquid lipsticks. (He has since deleted the tweet.) Around the same time, he also criticised Kim Kardashian's swatching skills.

In short, Jeffree is not shy of controversy. If anything, he seems to thrive on it.

However, The Secret World of Jeffree Star gave the star a chance to tell his side of the story — and he didn't hold back.

"If you already don't like me, you're going to get the portrayed version of 'I go through friends quickly'," he said of his public feuds with former mates. "I don't think people really get to see what happens behind the scenes, so I always look like the loud mouth and the bad guy, because I speak up and I clap back and I say things."

"It's not like I need to have the last word, I just don't like it when there's misinformation. Like with my ex-friends, people still don't really know what went on. Why do I feel like they need to know? Because there's so many versions of things that never happened out there."

During the revealing interview, Jeffree said he now has trouble making friends and trusting people in the beauty industry. "It's like how? How do you even trust the next friend you know what I mean? I'm a damaged person 100%."

"Half of the people still think I'm the bad guy, when I only loved and cared about all these people, boosted them up, and gave them all my connections, but I'm still the f*cking bad guy."

"It's easy to clap back and say little things and make little jabs, but as time goes on, I don't feel the need to prove as much, but it's hard. I'm just one person that's had a crazy f*cked up past and I'm just trying to be a better me and just start the next chapter of my life."

Watch the entire final episode of Shane Dawson's The Secret World of Jeffree Star here.