Jeffree Star has dragged Kim Kardashian's new makeup on Twitter

It's a battle of the beauty queens.

He’s already dragged Kim Kardashian’s beauty line once by exposing the stingy amount of product that comes in her contour kit, now Jeffree Star has come for Kimmy again following a teaser of her KKW Beauty powder contour kits.

After Kim took to Snapchat to show off swatches for the highly anticipated kits, Jeffree spilled all the tea on Twitter, revealing that he was less than impressed with what he could see of the product.

“Umm... Kim what is going on with those new swatches?? Looks like chalk,” he wrote.

While many agreed the contour powder looked a fair bit dodgy, Kim's fans immediately came to her defense, blasting Jeffree and forcing him to defend his comments on Twitter.

“I fucking love @KimKardashian and was giving her shit earlier because I didn't like how she swatched her powders! Doesn't mean it's bad,” he wrote, adding, “I always give honest, real reviews once I try a product on my face. I never look at swatches and make a full review come on... I think it's important to let anyone grow and learn from any mistake, so stop making everything a circus and relax.”

Kim, being the dear sweet angel she is, then took to Snapchat to defend Jeffree, basically telling her fans to lay off and that getting critiques from the ~pros~ only helps her become better.

“The fact that someone like @KimKardashian can understand and take real feedback is what a REAL boss bitch does. Love you,” Jeffree posted following her reply.

Turn off the grill and call of the BBQ everyone - there’ll be no beef today.