Kim Kardashian is about to drop three new perfumes in time for Valentine’s Day

And she’s swapping out crystals for candy.

Kim Kardashian has just announced that her first beauty drop of 2018 will be a new fragrance range, and you won't have to wait much longer for it!

For her latest release, Keeks has tag-teamed two of her super successful business ventures, KKW fragrances and Kimoji, to produce a new line of Valentine's Day-themed scents. And they're definitely a far cry from the totally zen, crystal vibes Kim's been frothing of late.

Just yesterday, Kim announced her new 'Kimoji Heart' fragrance range with the caption "Will you be our Valentine?" via her KWW fragrance Instagram account. The new line, which will be available for purchase online from February 1, seems to present itself as the playful alternative to Kimmy's previous beauty releases.

Named 'Bae', 'Ride or Die' and 'BBF', the line contains three heart-shaped perfumes, bottled in pretty pastel packaging and plastered with graphic red font. We low-key love that Kim K gets that many of us will be celebrating with our 'galentine's' this V-Day (see: 'BBF'-titled fragrance)

KKW began building up the fragrance hype earlier this month, releasing a bunch of teasers that hinted at the new release, and turned the KKW fragrance page into veritable 'Kimoji Heart' mood board.

Watch as Kim Kardashian smashes cake to promote her new fragrances!

There's been no word on the scent details of each of the fragrances just yet, but judging by the heavy candy heart inspo, we're willing to bet they're going to smell pretty darn sweet!

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