According to Pinterest, Australians are now 'Glass Skin' obsessed

Korean skincare is having a BIG moment.

By: Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas

Unless you've been living under a literal rock for the last year, you'll know that Korean skincare is having a BIG moment right now. Their vitamin C serums have had our skin looking brighter than ever before, and our addiction to the K-beauty sheet mask may have just reached unhealthy levels.

But it's their hectic 10-step skincare routines — commonly known as the 'Glass Skin' routine — that's had us super fascinated.

Just in the last year, there has been a massive spike in interest in the trend, with a 270 per cent increase in Pinterest saves for 'glass skincare routines' in Australia alone.

Not entirely sure on what exactly 'glass skin' is? Let us get you up to speed. "Glass skin is this idea of transparent and translucent skin," Alicia Yoon, founder of Peach & Lily, told Refinery29. "It's a sign of youthfulness and it's one of the most strived-for qualities in Korea."

A double-cleanse, a toner and a whole lotta moisturiser later, and you'll be left with skin so translucent and blemish-free, that people will literally be able to see their own reflection in your cheeks. So, you want in on this glass skin action?

First, you're going to have to start working double-time on your cleansing. Most Korean women will use an oil-based cleanser first, and follow it up with a water-based cleanser. Next, reach for a toner to balance your skin's pH levels, and follow this up with an essence — very similar to a serum — to target any specific skin concerns they may have.

To hydrate, you'll start with what's called an 'emulsion', which is basically just a super lightweight, liquid-like moisturiser. For an extra dose of hydration, you'll then go in with, you guessed it, another moisturiser.

On top of all of that, most Korean women will exfoliate every second day to slough off dead skin cells, and use both sleep masks and sheet masks throughout the week.

(Pssst! Keen to know the exact products Korean women use in their everyday routines? We've rounded up their skincare essentials here.)

If it's sounding a little complicated, well, it is! Not only will you have to repeat these steps daily (sometimes twice daily), but you probably won't see results for a little while. "It's not something you get overnight — it's consistent skincare that gives you that refined texture, the pinnacle of youthful skin," said Alicia.

Here, we round up the best K-beauty glass skin tutorials on Pinterest.