Everything in Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday makeup collection

It’s an ode to getting (legally) wasted.

By: Kate Wagner

Obviously we know Kylie Jenner is relatively young, but she's so accomplished — AKA almost a billionaire, owns a mansion, has a baby and dogs — it's easy to forget she's actually fresh from her teen years.

But, believe it or not, it's her 21st in a couple of days (we're trying real hard to not feel bad about ourselves) and she's releasing a new Kylie kit to mark the occasion.

Kylie loves a birthday collab; her first move as a beauty entrepreneur was to release a kit celebrating her 19th birthday.

"My birthday collections are super special to me because the first collection I ever did was for my 19th birthday," she said on her Instagram story. "My birthdays are what set off [makeup] collections for me."

So what's inside Kylie's "most personal collection" yet?

Neon Lipsticks

Not one to shy away from bold beauty statements, Kylie's included six new matte neon lipsticks.

The shades are called: 'Glam,' 'Rumor,' 'Rager,' 'August,' 'Flirtini,' and 'Birthday Behaviour'.

Birthday Lip Trio

These lip glosses pay homage to the youngest Kardashian coming of age and finally being able to (legally) drink in the U.S. Welcome 'The After Party', 'Shots' and 'Victoria'.

'Get Lit' Pressed Highlighter

Y'all going to be glowing with her 'Champagne Showers' highlighter.

Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette

Keeping with the drink, drank, drunk theme, Kylie released a damn bright eyeshadow palette and called it 'Sipping Pretty'.

Liquid Shadows

Want a little more than pressed powder eye shadow? Say hi to 'Eat Cake', 'Born to Sparkle', 'Fine Wine'.

Lip Kits

It's not a Kylie collection without lip kits. There's 'Twenty-One', 'Baddie', and 'Tipsy'.

There's also a mini lip kit collection: 'Boss, 'Victoria', 'Rad', 'Say No More', 'Boy Bye', 'Queen'