Kylie Jenner's pop up stores dragged for being unhygienic

This is actually pretty gross.

Kylie Jenner fans are taking to social media to express how they've been grossed the fuq out by the star's Topshop pop up store displays.

As first reported by Revelist, beauty YouTubers like Rich Lux have decided to expose the trashed state of things in the Kylie Cosmetics concession section of the stores. Apparently there's lids missing, product smeared everywhere, and there's reportedly no single-use applicators in sight for things like eyeshadows and Ky's famed lip kits. So y'know what that means: dirty, grubby fingers in everything.

"I knew it was a mess and was thrown together," Lux said in a video he posted online. "There was this table with Kylie makeup in it... People not only put it on their hand, [but also] put it on the white table, put it on the glass, and then threw away the cap. The packaging was torn and looked like a hot friggin' mess."

Another Youtuber, Halsey Is My Real Name, went into the Atlanta store and reported a similar experience.

"In the store, there was a bucket of picked through disgusting samples. All of the bottoms, like the stickers, were completely rubbed off," she said. "So I was swatching on my hand and I'd find a color I liked, but because the name was rubbed off I couldn't match the swatch to a retail product that I wanted to buy because the name was rubbed off."

But apparently, it wasn't always this way. Revelist's Marquaysa Battle said she visited the Kylie Cosmetics pop-up on opening day and back then "everything was wonderfully laid out". However she did write that her latest visit left something (aka sanitary conditions) to be desired.

Battle noted that she told Topshop staff about how the products on sale looked marked and ruined but concluded:

"Basically, if you don't say anything, Topshop is totally willing to sell you a dirty Kylie Cosmetics lip kit at full price."

In all honesty, this is not really Kylie's fault; the blame should be laid with Topshop. But, when you're going to claim "luxury" to justify the sale of a $360 USD brush kit, you should probs make sure that everywhere that sells your product gets the memo so they can match the purchasing experience with the price tag.