Yikes! Kylie Jenner's eyeshadow kits are reportedly giving people headaches


By: Jessica Chandra

One of Kylie Jenner’s eyeshadow palettes has come under fire for giving customers headaches.

According to TMZ, at least 15 people have complained about the Kylie Royal Peach Eyeshadow Palette to the Better Business Bureau within the last two weeks, saying they could smell “chemicals and glue” when they opened it.

Some customers compared the smell to “spray paint” or “paint thinner”, with one saying she had to take the whole package outside because the odour was so strong.

The worst account has a customer saying the palette gave her a “horrible headache.”

Kylie Cosmetics was apparently quick to take action, and investigated the strange smells. They discovered it was coming from an adhesive in the packaging, so not the actual product, and told the BBB the product is safe to use.

If Kylie Jenner has proven anything in the last few months, it’s that she’s super passionate about her business, and will do anything to make sure her customers are getting the best, legit products.

She famously uses her social media accounts to warn her fans about fake products, including the horrible effects of fake products making it out to market.

But at the same time, Kylie’s brand has come under attack for copying other beauty products and campaigns

Kylie hasn’t responded to this incident, but the most important thing to know is that the palettes are still safe.