A Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster manicure exists and what has the world come to

We could not be more creeped out…

When we found out both pimple popping nails, and bloody and raw Halloween nails were a thing, we were this close to giving up on humanity. But when a nail artist began recreating the pinnacles of Kylie Jenner's pregnancy journey on her own nails, we threw the towel in.

Nail artist Nail Sunny recently posted a tutorial named 'Kylie Jenner and Stormi's nails', which replicates Ky's record-breaking Instagram debut of daughter Stormi through nail art. And if this already sounds creepy to you, just wait until you see what it looks like…

Cue mass confusion and a teensy bit of disgust.

When comparing the slightly creepy mani to the real thing, we have to give it to Nail Sunny, who actually nailed the baby announcement Insta to a tee. Ky's baby pink nails, Stormi's tiny little baby fingers, an extra dose of pink. It's all there.

But that doesn't mean we're chill with the placement of baby fingers on a nail, or someone spending literally hours on a baby-themed mani. Perhaps Kylie would think differently?

The nail artist has also recreated a preggers Kylie on her nails in the past, most likely as a tribute to the shock announcement that the youngest Jenner was not only pregnant, but had already given birth!

Now watch the remainder Kylie's pregnancy journey that hasn't been depicted through nail art.