You need the Mac Cosmetics and Trolls collaboration in your life

Do it for your inner child.

By: Erin Van Der Meer

The nineties are back in a big way right now – everyone’s singing MMMBop, wearing chokers and watching the Gilmore Girls (okay, so it technically started in 2000 but everyone knows the first years of a decade are a hangover of the one before).

And the nostalgia continues after Mac announced its latest range – a Trolls collection! To celebrate the release of the Trolls movie, the makeup brand has created a range as colourful, crazy and cute as those funny little dolls we used to be obsessed with (is it just us or did their hair always smell odd?).

There are eight products in the collection, including lipstick, highlighter, pigment, gloss, glitter, eye shadow, and chrome craze (colored hair tint that washes out with shampoo) with super-fun names like "Glow Rida," "Bubble Butt," Twerkquoise," and "Suns Out, Buns Out".

Good Luck Trolls will be available on counter in Australia from August 1st.

Gotta catch ‘em all! Wait, sorry, wrong nostalgic thing from our childhood that’s become popular in 2016.

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