This woman was hospitalised with a life-threatening infection after a microblading experience gone wrong

We feel quite ill.

By: Erin Cook

A few years ago, if you said the word 'microblading' to us, we would have stared at you blankly for a few moments. But that was then. Now, we're all over it.

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo. While it may sound a little scary, when done by the right person, microblading is goddamn glorious — imagine waking up every morning with brows to rival Cara Delivingne's.

However, as one Michigan woman found out the hard way, when microblading goes wrong, it can go really wrong. Like so-bad-she-was-hospitalised, kind of wrong.

The woman, who would like to remain anonymous, shared her story with WDIV-TV Local 4. Initially, she was stoked with the results. "It looked great," she told WDIV-TV. "I was happy."

Microblading gone wrong

From there, things went downhill pretty quick. "They were starting to get, like, little lumps," the Detroit woman said of her brows. She was experiencing the first signs of an infection and took herself to an urgent care centre, quick smart. "They diagnosed me with cellulitis on my face, gave me an antibiotic, and sent me on my way," she said.

Unfortunately, things got even worse from there…

As the days went on, her infection worsened. She took daily pictures to monitor the eyebrow infection before taking herself to the emergency room. On arrival, she was admitted for three days and given intravenous antibiotics and steroids. "I was terrified," she said, "I don't know what was going to happen."

Is microblading dangerous?

After she was discharged from hospital, the Michigan-based woman went to dermatologist Dr. Steven Grekin, M.D. for her follow-up appointments. Speaking to WDIV-TV, he explained that the situation was quite serious: "This is potentially life-threatening if not treated because of what's right behind [the cheeks] — sinuses."

Dr. Grekin said that her reaction could be attributed to any number of things — including an infection or allergy to the dye used.

How to avoid a microblading horror story

Let's be real for a moment here — when done properly, microblading is godsend for lazy girls (read: everyone) and anyone with sparse brows. For our full run down on how to avoid a brow tattooing disaster, click here.