8 beauty survival tips you NEED for New Year's Eve

Because no one wants to ring in the new year looking like a sweaty mess!

When you've got unbelievably sore feet, crazy long lines to get into bars, and a crazy-high Uber surcharge ahead of you, you're going to make sure the rest of your New Year's Eve goes down without a hitch. And that means using all the beauty hacks that you can lay your eyes on to lock down you your hair and makeup and guarantee a flawless all night long.

These eight beauty survival tips will get you through NYE looking as gorge as you did at the beginning of the night.

Exfoliate your face to create the perfect makeup base

If you're wanting to give your makeup the best possible chance of lasting through the night, then give it a fresh, clean base. Make sure you give your face a good exfoliation to slough off any dead skin or excess oil and grime. Trust up, not following this first step will sabotage your beauty look!

Give your bouncy locks some staying power

You wouldn't want to duck into the bathroom only to see that the hair you spent 3 hours earlier is now totally flat and lifeless. To avoid any sort of flat hair drams, use texturising spray or volume powder on your 'do before heading out. No to mention the added benefit of the powder soaking up any sweat on your strands. Try Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($28, at Adore Beauty)

Choose your lip product wisely

Between the food you're eating, the champagne you're sipping and your midnight kiss, you're going to want a lip product that's going to stay put, or at least not look like half of it has rubbed off. Go for a trusty matte lip, or if that's not your scene, a glossy lip. Tip: give your lips a good scrub before applying any lip product to stop it from settling into cracks or clinging onto flaky skin.

Beat makeup creasing with an eye primer

Not only will it keep your eye makeup fresh and stop it from caking, some eye primers even have the ability to stop your mouthlines from creasing while wearing foundation, and even prevent your lipstick or lip liner from bleeding. Talk about a hero product! Try Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($33, at MECCA)

Beware the booze goggles

Although a little blurry vision may make you think like your makeup has disappeared, changes are it hasn't! At least not as much as you may think. So you might want to hold back on applying that third layer of powder...

Swap your liquid or cream highlighter for a powder one

As much as we love a good glowy makeup prod, a liquid or cream highlighter is likely going to make your face look like it's slicked with sweat as the night goes on, so we recommend you steer clear for this particular night. A powder highlighter will still give you the glow you're after sans that sheen on your face. Try Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in 'Moonstone' ($60, at Sephora)

Make sure your moisturiser and foundation don’t have any sunscreen in them.

New Year's Eve may be the most photo-filled night in the entire year, so you're going to want to make sure you're looking pic-primed. Your products which contain SPF will make your face look super white in photos taken with a flash. Of course, if you're beginning your NYE with some day drinking, you're defs going to want to ignore this tip.

Make setting spray your NY BFF

Because we know you'll be hitting the d-floor hard, you're going to want to get with some setting spray STAT. It does what it says on the bottle, which is set your makeup so you don't find it halfway down your face later in the night. Try Nyx Professional Makeup Make Up Setting Spray - this hilarious review will defs convince you to pick some up. ($15, Priceline)