‘Pimple Nails’ Are Now A Thing And We’re Done

You can even pop them!

It’s no secret that we all have varying obsessions with the good ol’ pimple popping video. It’s even been scientifically proven that watching a pimple being popped brings satisfaction. So if you’re fresh out of pimple to pick at, these nails are here to fulfil your pimple popping pleasures.

YouTube vlogger Natasha Lee, who gained notoriety back in May for her Figdet Spinner nails, has posted a fascinating (and slightly sickening) tutorial on how to create Pimple Nails so lifelike you can even pop them.

If this niche nail trend is something that you would actually try, Lee’s 10 minute video shows you exactly how to recreate them. She begins with your standard base coat, followed by a single coat of a nude-coloured polish (Lee uses OPI’s ‘Tiramisu for Two’). Lee then uses a nail strengthener and applies a few blobs of it on the nail to mimic pimples under the skin. To give each bump that authentic ‘ready to be popped’ look, Lee sponges on a blend of red and beige coloured polishes around the bump and applies a dot of ‘pus coloured’ polish to top each of the bumps off. To finish off, she applies a heavy layer of OPI’s Matte Top Coat and applies cuticle oil to her cuticles and each bump on her nail.

Now here comes the nasty part. On each of her ring fingers, Lee takes a small amount of Burt's Bees Beeswax & Banana Hand Cream and applies to the centre of the nail. She then blends and moulds the cream into a “satisfying mound” and gives it a final shape with Isopropyl Alcohol. Again using a nail strengthener, she applies a blob of it onto the cream and continues to spread it over the nail. To finish off, Lee applies a third layer of nude coloured polish and sponges the same colours to the cream bump that she had applied on the rest of the bumps earlier. Don’t forget that ‘pus yellow’ polish for the top of the bump!

Once you have applied a layer of matte top coat on each of these nails, and have allowed enough time for them to dry, you are free to unleash your pimple popping pleasures. The hand cream really does make a convincing double for the oozing pus that comes out of a freshly popped pimple

These nails really take ‘pimple porn’ to a new level…