Pinterest has a new function that filters your beauty inspo by skin tone so you don't have to

~reactivates Pinterest account to search makeup tutorials immediately~

Okay Pinners, your fave source of beauty inspo (other than Cosmopolitan, of course) has just made a game changing adjustment that could save you hours (days? weeks?) of scrolling...

Pinterest has just introduced a new filter function that will allow users to drilldown searches for anything beauty-related — ie foundation, concealer, lip tint, bright eye shadow, hair styles ect — with an option to sort by skin tone. By selecting the closest skin tone from the palettes available (there are four so far) the filter will sift out images that aren't close to the elected complexion so you don't have to.


"We've heard from Pinners that it's not always easy to find the most relevant ideas among the 8 billion beauty and hair Pins on our site," Pinterest explained in a press release. "That's why we're rolling out a way to customise your beauty search results by a skin tone range."

The skin tones currently available for selection.

The new is derived from the tech of ModiFace—a L'Oreal-owned augmented reality company that's had a role in building many custom beauty apps, including those from Sephora and Estée Lauder—and uses digitally built paint chips to match chips in images to narrow down search results. With roll out still in the beta stages, poor lighting and blur can have an effect on the algorithm's accuracy.

Even with this new functionality, there has been some complaint that Pinterest still has a way to go when it comes to inclusivity—providing accurate search options for natural/curly hair is still a battle, according to some Reddit users—but there's no denying that it's a nifty tool that could help increase racial diversity and visibility on the gigantic platform.

"Our future work will generally focus on improving the accuracy of results and bringing the experience to more platforms. We'll try out new methods of query rewriting and blending in actionable content and hope to improve our search ranking models in order to better take into account the selected skin tone," Laksh Bhasin, a Pinterest search engineer told Medium. "Lastly, skin tones are just the start of building a more inclusive search. We hope to help Pinners find more personalized results by offering more ways to narrow your search."