BEHOLD: This rainbow unicorn highlighter will make your life infinitely better

Sweet, shimmering unicorns!

By: Erin Cook

It’s no secret that we love a highlighter. And like most self-respecting young women, we also adore unicorns. (C’mon – who doesn’t?) So, when we heart that there was a new product that combined our two favourite things, our reaction was a little like this:

Introducing the I Heart Makeup Unicorns Heart palette.

Would you just look at it?!

Sweet, shimmering unicorns – this rainbow unicorn highlighting palette is one of the prettiest things we’ve ever seen.

The palette contains highly pigmented shades of rainbow highlighters. There’s purple, blue, green, yellow and pink. Should you choose to invest in the rainbow unicorn palette, you can swirl your brush around to create a mixture of all, and apply across your cheekbones, nose and just above your brows. Alternatively, you can use the individual colours on your lids, by grabbing a slender eyeshadow brush.

You can buy it here, for the red hot price of $8.42. Bargain!