Rihanna's $0 hack for setting her brows is absolutely genius

Thick, feathery brows that cost zilch.

By: Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas

While we may have discounted the benefits of good 'ol bar of soap long ago, they are making a very real come back. Not only are they waste-free and great for the enviroment, but they've become real fancy in their revival.

And thanks to this little reminder from Rihanna's go-to makeup artist, we've rediscovered one more great quality of a soap bar — they double as a great brow setter.

"It's an old makeup artist trick," Rhi's makeup artist, Priscilla Ono, told Harper's BAZAAR UK. "Everyone's obsessed with an editorial brow (AKA the 'textured brow'), this really makes them stick."

We are ALL for a good eyebrow hack, so when one comes around that costs us zilch, we are all ears and taking detailed notes.

But if thoughts of white, stiff brows immediately entered your mind, push them out now! This is how to do soap brows the right way.

First, you'll want to get your hands on a transparent bar of soap (try Pears Soap, $3 at Chemist Warehouse), and a spoolie brush.

Then, wet down your soap slightly and run the spoolie over the wet soap. Once you've gotten a good amount of soap on your spoolie, brush it through your eyebrow in an upwards motion.

And voila!

The soap and spoolie combo separates and defines your brows hairs with just a few swipes, giving you the thick, feathery, natural looking eyebrows of your dreams. Plus, it's flake free and will hold your brows in shape all day.