Shay Mitchell just started a brand new career

Guess she’s putting her acting days behind her?

By: Matt Galea

Now that Shay Mitchell has finished searching for the identity of ‘A’, she needs something to do with her time, right?

She’s already tried her hand at jewellery design (and rocked it!), plus she has her reality TV show, Shades of Shay coming out soon, but it looks like she’s set her sights even higher!

The 29-year-old recently posted a tutorial on her hit lifestyle channel where she gave her subscribers some sick eyeshadow tips.

The IRL Emily recruited her bestie Sammy to be her model for the eyeshadow applying lesson.

The actress used her signature Smashbox eye palettes and they legit look like they work wonders, especially when applied using Shay’s skills.

Check out the tutorial below.

Seriously, do it!

You’ll definitely learn a thing or two.

Introducing: Shay Mitchell, the makeup artist!