Strandlighting is the latest hair dye trend for Instagram-worthy locks

Goodbye chunky highlights!

Yes, we know. It's another word to add to your scroll-length list of beauty terms, but it's one you're going to want to remember this winter for "your hair but better" colour.

Introducing: Strandlighting.

The complete opposite of all your Victoria Beckham 2005 hair nightmares, the new trend on the block is all about keeping your hair ~au naturel~ in the best way possible.

So, what is Strandlighting?

We're glad you asked! The secret sauce is in the name — the delicate technique of taking just a few individual, spaced-out strands (not thick clumps of hair) and separating them into foils to create a natural-looking brightened look that is effortlessly blended. Colouring just a small amount of hair at a time ensures that the subtle colour change blends into your natural hair colour without covering it up.

What are the pros?

If you're sick of bleaching your hair to oblivion, this one's for you. Because Strandlighting seamlessly brightens your strands one fine slice of hair at a time, you're not colouring (read: damaging) large amounts of your hair. Less bleach equals less hair damage, and we're all about that.

Strandlighting won't leave stripy, obvious highlights when your roots grow out, guaranteeing a low-maintenance colour even on its last legs. French-girl nonchalance or what?! The technique also ensures zero horizontal grow-out thanks to the spaced out foils being blended with the base hair colour.

The trend ensures Instagram-worthy hair and is your go-to technique as the mercury drops to give your locks a boost of radiance and sun-kissed perfection.