Warning: You'll barely recognise Taylor Swift with her new red hair

New hair, who dis?

Taylor Swift has swapped her signature blonde locks for red hair as she cameos in country duo, Sugarland's 1960's-themed Babe music video.

In a 30-second teaser that dropped on Wednesday (7 June, 2018), Taytay's makeover looks to be inspired by Joan Holloway as the entire viddy has a very Mad Men vibe.

Taylor Swift with her red hair in Sugarland's Babe video.
Taylor's inpso could be Mad Men's Joan Hollaway, played by Christina Hendricks.

While the whole vid won't premiere until Saturday, from what we've seen Swifty stays in theme as she gets a little sexy with a Don Draper-type character throughout the trailer.

WHOA! Jessica Rabbit eat your heart out, right?!

Getting a full on makeover for a music viddy is nothing new to the Delicate singer.

In the past, the 28-year-old has donned a ginger wig to play some kind of bad ass assassin in 'Bad Blood' (y'know, the clip where pretty much errrrrrrry famous woman was in it, except for Katy Perry :/ )

Tay also got pretty creative in her Look What You Made Me Do video in 2017 when she rocked over a dozen different looks, including biker, flash dancer, dominatrix and Swifty as zombie.

Yep, we defs prefer the ginger look to that undead vibe ^.