Too Faced is working on a line of skincare products to hide your hangover

Seedy Sunday mornings just got so much better.

By: Jess Pullar

Move over Bloody Marys — there's a new hangover cure in town, and it comes in a little pink tube.

To be honest, we were pretty stoked with Too Faced's Anti-Hangover Primer and Setting Spray. But now, the brand has come through with the goods once again by developing a whole line of anti-hangover skincare products.

With a little help from Too Faced, our Sunday-morning-death-face is about to be transformed from hot mess to sassy Beyoncé – all before 11am.

Until recently, the brand was dedicated to makeup; the Too Faced Sweet Peach line sold like hot cakes, while their Better Than Sex mascara is worshipped by the beauty-glitterati. However, late last year, they expanded into skincare, with the launch of the GLOW JOB glitter face mask.

Now, Too Faced co-founder and chief creative officer, Jerrod Blandino, has suggested the brand might be expanding even further into skincare. He told HelloGiggles: "I'm actually tip-toeing in skincare-based on our Hangover line. So taking everything you love about our Hangover primer, and taking all of its skincare-based ingredients, and jumping off and creating some skincare products."

If you've not had the pleasure of indulging in their existing Hangover products, they contain a blend of coconut water, probiotics and skin revivers — quite the convincing case to pick our sorry heads off the pillow after a substantial Saturday on the turps.

Too Faced haven't announced a released date just yet. Hang tight our sore-headed chums — you'll soon be inhaling your recovery Big Mac combo with the addition of fresh and flawless skin. Stay tuned.