How to use your beautyblender all over for a flawless face

With the woman who created the famous sponge.

By: Amelia Bowe

The Kardashians got us hooked on the beautyblender sponge some time ago now and it’s made our foundation look that much more flawless.

But as it turns out, you can use it for ALL of your products. Meaning, you don’t need a bazillion brushes taking up precious space in your cosmetic case.

So we sat down with the creator of beautyblender, Celebrity Makeup Artist Ree Ann Silva, to give us a lesson in exactly how you can apply all of your makeup with a humble sponge.

Step 1: Prep your sponge

Start by wetting your sponge in a bowl of water or under a tap and squeeze out any excess.

“When it’s wet, it’s not going to draw your makeup into the centre of the sponge,” explains Ree Ann.

And we’re all for less wastage.

Step 2: Prime

Ree Ann recommends using a “wet, squeeze, bounce” technique to apply your primer (AKA wet your sponge, squeeze out water and then bounce your primer all over your face using your sponge).

“It’s important to have a great structure underneath your makeup to ensure it lasts all day.”


Step 3: Conceal

We switched to the mini sponge to apply concealer as the smaller size helps get into those hard-to-reach areas (corners of the nose and the eyes). That's not to say you can't use your bigger sponge though, that works as well.

The best thing about using a sponge is they're super gentle on those delicate arrears.

Ree Ann prefers to apply concealer before foundation as the bouncing technique won’t remove concealer when the time comes to apply your foundation.

For cheeky spot imperfections, use a “bounce and twist” method.

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Step 4: Foundation

The beautyblender sponge doesn’t play favourites either, you can apply any type of makeup with it, including cream, liquid, stick or powder.

Overachiever, much?

“There’s not a makeup that I’ve been able to find that does not work well with the beautyblender,” said Ree Ann.

We also applied a tiny bit more concealer post-foundation because, TIRED.

Step 5: Highlighter Prep (yes, it's a thing!)

Would you believe a matte pressed powder is extremely important when it comes to making your highlighted areas pop? It actually helps enhance illuminated areas.

“In order for things to shine, there has to be the contrast of having something matte, so with a powder and a sponge, you can achieve a very clean, glowy look.”

Just remember to give your sponge a flick with your finger to remove excess powder (much like you tap your powder brush).

Step 6: Contouring

Contouring can be intimidating, even for the pros, but using a sponge means mistakes can be easily erased.

“Because there is 360 degrees of usable space with the sponge, you can use the clean sides to go in and gently wipe away anything that might be too dramatic,” explained Ree Ann.

Throughout your whole makeup application process (which can take a while if you’re contouring Kimmy K-style), your beautyblender can in fact become dehydrated. What you’ll need to do is rewet it and wring out the excess water or “reactivate” it, as Ree Ann says, and then re-blend the makeup that’s already on your face.

You won’t need to use more makeup as it’ll freshen up your current face situation, moving your makeup back into place if it’s slid.

Step 7: Blush

To give your cheeks a healthy flush of colour use the beautyblusher which is the mid-sized sponge of the beautyblender range (the original can be too big for the cheek area).

HINT: the grey colour of the sponge also helps you see how much rosy-toned blush it’s picking up.

Step 8: Highlighting

Ree Ann had already applied matte powder to my face to make the highlighted areas shine, so it made sense to get some of the actual shimmer happening.

It’s best to apply highlighter to the high points of your face where the light naturally falls (aka where you don’t have shadows).

Think: the top of your cheekbones, your brow bones, the bridge of your nose and your Cupid’s bow. Then, the most important thing is to create a seamless finish.

“To make your contour and highlight look more natural, you can blend the two slightly.”

Ain’t nobody got time for the girl with tiger stripes on her face.

Step 8: Eyeshadow

Press your sponge into your palette and bounce across your lids. There’s no need to clean your sponges between using it in each area of your face.

“As long as you’re using like colours, it’s fine.”

Step 9: Lip colour

Just like your eyeshadow, you press your chosen hue onto your lips.

“The pointed tip helps you get into the corners and the Cupid’s bow.”

Extra tips:

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