15 things every student who has ever pulled an all-nighter will definitely relate to

Last-minute ~KWEEN~.

No one ever said staying up til four AM cramming for an exam/finishing an assignment was a good idea, but it’s something we ALL think is damn genius when a deadline’s looming.

A rite of passage, late-night cram sessions bond you more than knowing your besties/colleagues/classmates’ deepest darkest secrets. Here, in honour of every cram session past, present and future, we’ve documented the 15 stages of pulling an all-nighter. Here’s to all the sleep-deprived geniuses out there. Respect.

1. WTF, me?

But really. Why did you do this to yourself? (Again).

2. Accepting the sitch

This is on you and that's ok. Sure you could have planned your time smarter, but it's too late now and you work better under pressure anyway, right? You've got eight hours and 43 minutes to finish which is oooodles of time.

3. Now's the perfect time to organise your desk, amirite

Did someone say procrastination?

4. I'm not panicking, you're panicking

WE'RE ALL PANICKING. Time to chill the eff out. Find yourself a quiet spot. crank up the chillout tunes and chow down on some Rescue Remedy de-stress Pastilles. The Cherry Plum + Rock Rose = extra de-stresser. Bring on the mellow, people.

5. Starting (for reals)

After deciding to clean your entire room you're ready to start. Your computer time says 9.21PM so you give yourself nine mins of Insta scrolling before you actually begin.

6. Organised mates remind you they've already finished

Nobody cares if you did assignment/exam prep already, Shakira. HOW IS THAT HELPFUL? Shut up already.

7. Endless snacking

After going to retrieve last night's leftovers you also discover some other yummy treats and don't resume your work until EVERYTHING is gone.

8. Loss of focus

Everything seems SO interesting and it makes you want to ask Google things. Like, why does your dog like cheese so much?

9. Procrastination

It's the perfect time to try and remove those chin blackheads. And pay your phone bill. So what if you're not technically studying? You're still doing the things!

10. Social media break

You know the importance of rewarding solid effort and it's been 45 mins since your last break. Juuuuuust a quick ten-minute FB break then straight back to it...

11. Fatigue

Time check: 1:12AM. Your eyelids are getting heavier. Is your education really All That? You just don't know anymore.

12. Anger

You DGAF who you wake up, YOU ARE MAD. Your brain is not doing it's job!

13. All the emotions

You just can't anymore. But with some help from a few of your screen-shotted inspirational Insta quotes, you pull yourself together.

14. The breakthrough moment

You're writing the words! You don't know how but you're not stopping to question ANYTHING. You can see the finish line and it's a hygiene-restoring shower. YAS.

15. You somehow finish like you always knew you could

BOOM, drops mic, I am a genius (maybe even a unicorn), I could probs do it even faster next essay/study cram, why would anyone bother to space it out?? You got that study did. But tbh, you never really doubted yourself.

Brought to you by Rescue Pastilles