20 signs your work friends are better than your real-life friends

This one goes out to all the work wives in the house.

By: Eleanor Jones

1. You can borrow tampons from each other with minimal cringing.

2. They know exactly how you like your tea.

3. You can discuss deep, deep things with them, such as your stance on pooing at work.

4. They're always there when you need to vent about work dramz (and they always take your side).

5. Psychologists say that people with work besties are "more focused, more passionate, and more loyal to their organisations."

6. They understand your work problems way better than your other BFF's.

7. They pep you up before big meetings and make you feel all invincible.

8. You just know what each other are thinking without even having to say it.

9. They'll always have your back when it feels like the whole office is against you.

10. They cock-block any unwanted male attention at work parties.

11. They don't judge you when you're being an absolute bitch about people.

12. You can be your freaky non-work self with them and they love you for it.

13. They are your mentor and your counsellor all in one human.

14. You can be mean to each other and you know all will be forgiven.

15. You secretly look forward to Mondays because you miss them SO MUCH on the weekend.

16. Between the two of you, you know all the gossip that ever has been (and will be) in the workplace - including your own...

17. You compliment each other's outfits and you mean it.

18. You would definitely get fired if anyone read your highly sassy social media discussions.

19. You can totally talk about stuff that isn't work related, too.

20. But, best of all - they make work almost bearable.

Work BFF's are the best BFF's. BBFF's?

Via: Cosmopolitan UK